20 years contributing to a cleaner planet.

Cavalum, the best source of energy.

81.58 GWh

Expected annual production

39 MW

Installed power


Covered families

30K ton

Reduction of CO2 emissions

What we do

Sustainable development and progress.

20 years of creating value.

Energy production projects require the following methodology:

1 – Identification of sites with renewable resource potential

2 – Verification of legislation and framework of projects

3 – Licensing project

4 – Construction work

5 – Commissioning

From the start of operations, their operation and maintenance is guaranteed by Cavalum, which has the means and human resources to carry out this task, ensuring constant monitoring of their activity.

Best source of energy, inexhaustible and ecological, thus contributing to the reduction of emissions of 30 thousand tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.




Wind Energy


Solar Energy