About us

About us

Cavalum is a company dedicated to the promotion and development

of Energy Production operations obtained from renewable sources.

Sustained Progress

Ability to create value in different geographies, with different technologies.

Portugal – Mainland and Islands
Spain – Mainland and Islands

How we operate

Entrepreneurship and Internationalization

The operations are run as selling energy to the public network manager, by the company set up for this purpose and which we call Sociedade Veículo. This company is, as a rule, controlled mainly by Cavalum.

The strategic model adopted by Cavalum has proved to be a safe investment due to the successive specialisation in various technical and technological solutions with experience in very different economic and financial scenarios.

In the last few years, Cavalum has given priority to internationalisation in order to take advantage of geographies with greater investment potential, in areas where it can make use of the valuable knowledge it has acquired over the years in this market.

20 years creating value.

Always maintaining high values of

environmental and sustainable development.

Sustained Progress

Connection to the public network of the 1st undertaking of Cavalum – Mini Hydro de Senhorim in Rio Castelo in Nelas.

Construction and commissioning of the 1st wind project in Portugal.

Construction and commissioning of the 1st photovoltaic park in Portugal

Beginning of Internationalization

Construction of the first wind farm in France begins.

Construction and commissioning of 11MW photovoltaics in Spain.

Putting into service a photovoltaic park in Tallarubias – Spain (1.9 MW).

Licensing of two photovoltaic plants in Spain – Calzadilla (2MW) and Solarwell (2.5MW).

Successful call for tenders for 75MW Solar Park in South Africa

Start-up of a photovoltaic park in Spain, Solarwell (2.5 MW).

Acquisition of the wind farm Aldeia Velha, in Portugal (2.15 MW).

Acquisition of FomentInvest, now CavalumInvest, which holds MARL, Porto Santo, Rooftops of Spain, Berenis and Locri.