General Map of Operations

Annual Production for the year 2022

11.88 GWh

Hydric Operation

52.60 GWh

Wind Operation

17.10 GWh

Photovoltaic Operation

General Map of Operations

Cavalum operations mean an installed capacity of 39 MW with an estimated annual production of 81.58 GWh.

81.58 GWh

Total annual production


stocked families

30K ton CO2

Avoided emissions

Annual production (%)

Production – Water Operations 15%

[dt_sc_progress_bar type=”standard” value=”15″ color=”#005958″]

Production – Wind Operations 64%

[dt_sc_progress_bar type=”standard” value=”64″ color=”#005958″]

Production – Photovoltaic Operations 21%

[dt_sc_progress_bar type=”standard” value=”21″ color=”#005958″]

Operations (power source):